Kamala Harris Shuts Door on Presidency and Dunks on the President on Her Way Out

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On Tuesday, Sen. Kamala Harris announced that she was ending her presidential campaign, but because Trump knows nothing about an AKA’s ability to clap back—or how to do anything with grace—he sarcastically tweeted, “Too bad. We will miss you Kamala!”


Apparently, no one told the president that Kamala had already obtained three clapback infinity stones by attending Howard University, smoking weed while listening to Snoop Dogg and having an advanced degree in the Electric Slide and this dance stomp thing that kind of looks like stepping:


Trump should’ve known that the clapback was coming strong and hard.

And bcause the California Democrat is thoroughly schooled in the art of shade, Harris knew what she had to do and tweeted:

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of Trump’s ego deflating because there is one thing he hates more than being dunked on, and that’s being dunked on by a woman.

A. Black. Woman.

A black woman who can do this:

OK, maybe not that, but she did run for a Senate seat in Wakanda!

Trump is currently facing an impeachment inquiry for a host of things he absolutely did, including tying Ukrainian aid to an investigation on 2020 candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.


“If the House votes to impeach him, he will face a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, and Harris will have a vote in his removal from office,” USA Today reports.

Burn sauce!

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I don’t know if its their defense of Trump or their lack of the rule of law and governmental procedures but I always amazed that the Dems seem to always calm and presenting facts and the GOP folks seem to be loudly speaking and speaking about conspiracies. Is there more educated (attorneys and such) on the Dems side or the GOP side?