Michael Jackson 
AFP/Getty Images

There will be no new trial in the lawsuit that claimed concert promoter AEG Live was negligent in Michael Jackson's death, a superior court judge decided on Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Judge Yvette Palazuelos ruled that since jurors were given due instructions and there were no mistakes in her rulings, a retrial was unnecessary.

Last October, after a five-month trial, a jury found the concert promoter was not responsible for the pop icon’s death, even though AEG did hire Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted for Jackson’s sudden death.

According to the AP, lawyers for the Jackson family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, insisted that jurors were unable to consider the case properly as they were given an incorrect verdict form that conflicted with state law.

AEG Live's lawyers fought back, saying that there were no mistakes made. In the end, the concert promoter avoided a retrial.

"We were confident that the court would uphold the jury's verdict," AEG attorney Marvin Putnam wrote in a statement, lauding the decision. "This is also fantastic news for the taxpayers of California, who won't have their hard-earned money wasted retrying plaintiffs' baseless claims. Enough is enough."


However, Katherine Jackson’s attorneys have already said they will appeal the decision to a higher court, with no intentions of letting the case rest.

"We believe there are numerous ways that we can win on appeal," Jackson family attorney Kevin Boyle wrote in an email, the AP notes.

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