Michael Jackson (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

(The Root) — The trial to determine liability in the death of Michael Jackson came to a close Wednesday night in Los Angeles, with the jury saying that concert promoter AEG Live did indeed hire Dr. Conrad Murray but was not negligible or liable for the pop star's death in doing so.

This brings an end to the five-month trial during which the jury heard from more than 50 witnesses, including one of Jackson's children, in the suit filed by the pop star's family against AEG Live. 


The trial focused around one central question: Who hired Murray? The jury answered the question indicating that, in their opinion, AEG did hire Murray, who is currently serving a four-year sentence for his part in Jackson's death. However, the panel of jurists stopped short of finding the concert promoter to blame. 

The family was seeking personal damages of at least $290 million.

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