Judge Orders Muslim Man Arrested for Supporting ISIS to Eat or Be Force-Fed

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Muhanad Badawi
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On Thursday a California federal judge ordered a jailed Muslim inmate, who stopped eating after his May arrest for supporting ISIS, to eat or be force-fed.

Muhanad Badawi, 24, appeared in court looking rail thin, having lost 30 pounds since his arrest in May. At the time of his arrest, Badawi weighed about 140 pounds. According to officials, he now weighs about 110 pounds, ABC 7 reports.


Badawi was indicted along with Nader Elhuzayel, 24, "on bank fraud and conspiring to provide material support to the terrorist group," the news site reports.

Officials told the news station that they are unclear why Badawi has stopped eating, noting that he claims that he fasts on certain days for religious reasons, but prison officials noted that he will sometimes eat on Thursdays but no other days.


U.S District Judge David Carter reportedly told Badawi, "This is not Friday and this is not Ramadan," noting that if Badawi were fasting for religious reasons, those would be days when he might fast.

Badawi also reportedly took issue with being treated by a female nurse, because of his Muslim faith.


"I hope you don't put this court in a position between choosing between a religious value and a value of equality of sexes, because firmly I can tell you if I'm put in that position, I will take the values of this country in terms of equality and gender and you'll be treated by male or female," Carter said, according to ABC 7.

The judge then told Badawi that he could eat voluntarily or he would order Badawi to be force-fed.


Carter asked Badawi when he was going to eat again, and Badawi responded that he had been eating. When the judge pushed him on the weight loss, Badawi said that he was not on a hunger stike. Carter then asked Badawi what his favorite foods were, and Badawi replied, "Honey, peanut butter, tuna, bread and bananas." The judge then asked that someone get those items for Badawi and stated sternly that he had until morning to eat and if he didn't comply, he would be force-fed.

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