Steven Sadow, Gunna’s attorney, said in a statement according to Billboard, “The court was obviously concerned about threats and intimidation of witnesses. We believe when the court hears evidence, not just the words of the prosecutor, it will find that Sergio’s release on bond will not, directly or indirectly, pose a significant risk to witnesses.

He continued, “ We look forward to having an evidentiary hearing on this as soon as the court permits.”


In the case of Young Thug, the Judge did not decide if Young Thug will be released on bond or not and instead decided to delay that so he could first divide if Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, should be disqualified from the case because of conflict of interest.

From Billboard:

The hearing came two weeks after prosecutors unveiled an 88-page indictment against dozens of members of Young Slime Life, claiming the group is not a musical operation but actually a violent street gang that wrought “havoc” in Atlanta over the past decade. The charges included allegations of murder, carjacking, armed robbery, drug dealing and illegal firearm possession.

Among other accusations, prosecutors say Young Thug rented a car that was used in the 2015 drive-by shooting that killed 26-year-old Donovan Thomas, and that YSL members sought his permission before they attempted to murder rival rapper YFN Lucci in prison. Additional charges against Young Thug were later tacked on based on items found when he was arrested, including possession of illegal guns.

The case is built around Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a law based on the more famous federal RICO statute that’s been used to target the mafia, drug cartels and other forms of organized crime. Such laws make it easier for prosecutors to sweep up many members of an alleged criminal conspiracy based on many smaller acts that aren’t directly related.


As this case is unfolding, the argument on the use of song lyrics in court is continuing to be discussed. Last week, a bill that limits the use of song lyrics was approved by the New York State Senate.

Lyrics and videos from Thug, Gunna and other YSL artists have been used in the 88-page RICO indictment.