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Jovan Belcher Shot Girlfriend in Front of Mom

Jovan Belcher; daughter Zoey and girlfriend Kasandra Perkins (Facebook)
Jovan Belcher; daughter Zoey and girlfriend Kasandra Perkins (Facebook)

More details have arisen in the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins. On Saturday morning, according to the Daily News, the troubled linebacker reportedly shot Perkins at their home in front of his mother, who was visiting from Long Island, N.Y., to see their 3-month-old daughter, Zoey Michelle. He then drove to the Chiefs' Arrowhead stadium, where he took his own life as his coach watched helplessly.

A 911 call from Belcher's mother — who described Perkins as her daughter — detailed the gunfire that left the new mom dead inside the blood-spattered home. She identified her killer son as a member of the Chiefs.

Belcher had already climbed into his car and headed to the stadium, where he had been expected to play Sunday.

The 6-foot-2, 228-pound defensive player carried a gun in his hand as he walked through the parking lot around 8:10 a.m. When police arrived, they spotted Belcher holding a handgun to his head and coolly speaking with Crennel and Pioli, Snapp said.

The Chiefs officials told police they never felt threatened before Belcher pulled the trigger and killed himself.

Belcher expressed his gratitude to the pair, who took a chance on the undrafted, undersized linebacker.


As the Chiefs suit up for their game against Carolina Panthers on Sunday, USA Today reports that the team will not officially mourn Belcher due to the circumstances of his death and the murder of his girlfriend.

Instead, the Chiefs will hold a moment of silence in honor of all domestic violence victims …

Players will not wear decals on their helmets nor patches on their jerseys to remember their teammate.

Teams have had to deal with the deaths of players during the season in past years, including prior suicides. But the murder Belcher also committed has put the Chiefs in a delicate and unprecedented situation.


Read more at the Daily News and USA Today.

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