Johnny Manziel Is ‘Tired’ of Comparisons to Colin Kaepernick

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Johnny Manziel would prefer that you not compare his attempts to return to the game of football with those of Colin Kaepernick.


In a series of tweets Saturday, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback expressed support for Kaepernick, but also said that his and the former San Francisco 49er’s situations are not the same.

“This will probably cause an uproar, but I’m tired of the @Kaepernick7 vs myself comparisons and anger,” he tweeted. “Kap is doing amazing things right now changing lives and donating millions of dollars. His impact off the field from a societal standpoint is legendary and straight admirable.”


Manziel is within his rights to express his frustration. He is struggling to overcome alcoholism, and that in itself is not an easy journey. That said, he is getting looks from teams in a league that prides itself on having a clean image and picking the best talent.

FYI, Manziel doesn’t have a clean image; nor is he remotely in the same league as Kaepernick.


Besides his drinking problem, Manziel has a history of domestic violence. Moreover, Kaepernick is a far superior quarterback to Manziel, yet no team has remotely come close to signing him. Because he chose to take a knee.

This, folks, is what has people making comparisons between the two players’ situations. And Manziel would be wise to take note as to why that is.

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KC Complains A Lot

If we’re gonna be fair to Manziel, he actually hits the nail on the head when it comes to why Kap isn’t in the league.

Johnny Manziel (@JManziel2) Tweeted:

The facts of the matter are the reason he’s not being signed are non football based. The guy took a team to the Super Bowl and continuously wreaked havoc on the NFC West and the league. Maybe he had a bad year two years ago but he’s not a bad player and that’s a fact..

So I’d argue Johnny’s gripe isn’t that he’s getting compared to Kap as much as it’s he also thinks it’s bullshit Kap doesn’t have a job and wanted to set the record straight about where he stands on it. That was my read of it, anyway.