Jason L. Riley: Black Colleges Need a New Mission


In an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal, Jason L. Riley takes HBCUs to task for lagging behind traditional schools in graduation rates, test scores, admission requirements, endowments and preparing students for life after college. He runs through a litany of studies stating that HBCUs are inferior to mainstream universities. Riley also admonishes the Obama administration for pledging another $850 million to HBCUs without increasing standards. It's interesting that Riley has so much ire for HBCUs but doesn't ask the question why this is being allowed to happen. If it is true that HBCUs are substandard, then why is the government throwing money at them without asking for substantial change? Riley's criticism of HBCUs raises important questions but fails to examine how HBCUs benefit students academically, culturally or otherwise. What do you think? 

Read more at The Wall Street Journal.


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