Keshondria Hull with Justice shortly after giving birth

Texas District Judge Teresa Hawthorne has signed an order releasing Keshondria Hull from jail so that she can be out in time for the funeral of her 2-month-old infant, who was allegedly drowned by a family friend's daughter, WFAA-TV reports.

Hull was serving a 112-day sentence for a probation violation on a felony theft charge, the news site notes. However, given the circumstances, the judge reportedly wanted to do her part in ensuring that the grieving mother could say her final goodbyes.

According to the news station, there are a few more legal issues to get sorted out before Hull—who was also being held on theft and trespass charges in a different county—will be released, but her mother, Clarica Hull, is hopeful. "She's still a mother that birthed her, and I know she still has love for her child," she said.

Keshondria Hull's daughter, Justice, was in the care of one of her mother's friends while the new mother served her jail time. However, when the friend left for work on Monday morning, the friend's 14-year-old daughter allegedly drowned the infant.

Child Protective Services placed the child with the family friend at the request of the mother. CPS offered condolences in a statement and noted that the agency would be inquiring internally as to whether "all aspects of the case were handled appropriately," WFAA-TV reports.


According to Clarica Hull, she and her daughter have known the friend for a long time—since “they were little kids coming up.” She expressed her sympathies for the teen, who now faces murder charges.

"My heart also goes out to the girl that committed this crime to my granddaughter, and her family as well," she said. "I believe in the Lord, and I know it's all in his hands."

Clarica Hull's sister had apparently spoken to the mother of the teen. "She said that the mother wasn't holding up too good," Clarica Hull added. "She lost a daughter as well, and my granddaughter, who she had bonded with."


It is still undetermined whether the teenager will be tried as an adult. If she is tried as a juvenile, according to the news station, she could get up to 40 years in prison, although on her 19th birthday there would be another hearing to determine whether she should be transferred to an adult prison or be released on juvenile parole.

If she is tried as an adult, she could get life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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