It's Official: The President Is an Idiot and This Tweet Is The 'Smocking' Gun

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President Donald J. Trump is a signed, card-carrying rage tweeter. Normally, when he’s rage tweeting about the Russia investigation, it’s easy to look past his grammar because it’s amusing to see him folding under the pressure of the investigation in real time.


But early Monday morning, before the president donned his kaftan made from the hides of infant seals and even before he drank his full chalice of goat’s blood, he was up angry-tweeting in a full sweaty rage. Also, because this tweet went out in the morning, presumably he didn’t have time to wake his Russian hooker to see if she could spellcheck it for him, so the president tweeted this:

Yep, that’s a presidential tweet that will be archived to prove the tipping point of America’s fall. The fact that the president misspelled “smoking” as “smocking” TWICE proves that he doesn’t know how to spell smoking. Can we really blame him? Technically, its a seven letter word that includes a suffix and requires the dropping of the “e” to add the “ing” and while that’s not the part that he flubbed, these words can be difficult.

Let’s not get caught on the president’s inability to spell. What’s more shocking is that the president is fully admitting to paying for porn actress Stormy Daniels services calling it a simple private transaction. For those keeping score, the shifting rationale on payment for Stormy’s services has shifted from there is no there there to there is a there there and she smacked my ass with a rolled-up Forbes magazine!

Trump is getting ready to fold like a lawn chair that can’t spell and of course. the internet is having a field day with this dumbass president. Below are a few of my favorites.


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Remember when Our President was smarter than most of us? And could read? And write? Remember what it was like to have an intelligent President?

Yeah, me too.