It's Official: 50 Cent Really Has Lost His Mind

Is this dude still talking? Will somebody please pay 50 Cent some attention? This chump change is crying out for help with the proliferation of crazy posts on his Twitter account. This week he's talking smack about killing yourself if you don't perform oral sex on a woman. Some are reading his comments as homophobic. We're reading them as homophobic and misogynistic, since he doesn't sound as if he likes or respects women very much. We're actually surprised that he's even concerned about a woman's pleasure. At any rate, he's always talking on Twitter about how busy he is, but he appears to have copious amounts of time to tweet constantly. Perhaps he should focus more on working and less on tweeting because it only highlights his fatal flaws: immaturity, shallowness, arrogance and ignorance. Yeah, we know — we can hate it or love it. For the record, we hate it. 

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This image was lost some time after publication.

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