'It’s Never Too Late': Meet Attorney-turned-actor Medina Senghore Who Is Kicking Butt on Screen

Attorney-turned-actor, Medina Senghore grew up in a house where professionally, she had very few choices.

“Doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer, like those are the options. And that was just my reality. That’s what I understood.” Senghore told The Root.


The Long Island, NY-native chatted with The Root via Zoom and shared a bit about her life. While attending college, at the Black Mecca, Howard University, she studied to have a “real career.” After college, Medina Senghore took a somewhat traditional path, attending law school with the best-of-the-best at Harvard, and went on to graduate and go into practice. But, something was missing.

“There were parts of me that were just not being fed. And those parts of me started to just scream very loudly as I started taking an acting class.”


And so began Senghore’s pursuit of her passion. Like many aspiring artists, she kept her day job (gotta keep the lights on) while balancing her creative pursuits. This meant memorizing scripts and auditioning for plays that rehearse nights and weekends. But still, she wanted more.

“It just got to the point where even that [auditioning for plays] wasn’t enough, until I applied to grad school. Thinking, ‘Let me just get this out of my system and then I can go back to being a grown up.’ It never occurred to me that I would get in,” said the actor. Medina got into Juilliard on her first try—who does that?! She said it was the universe telling her that she needed to pursue this calling.

Fast forward to the present and this mother of two is kicking major butt as Allison in Taylor Sheridan’s Those Who Wish Me Dead. Needless to say, Senghore took the leap of faith and landed soundly on both feet.

We asked the attorney-turned-actor what advice she could give to Black women, and mothers, who might be looking to take a similar leap. Her advice was simple: “It’s never too late.”


See our entire conversation with Medina Senghore above.

Those Who Wish Me Dead opened in theaters on May 21 and is also available on HBO Max.

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