Iowa GOP Drops Contractor Behind Racially Tinged Facebook Post

Iowa GOP Facebook 
Iowa GOP Facebook 

A social media contractor is said to be out of a job after an offensive flowchart appeared briefly Friday on the website of the Iowa Republican Party, the Daily Beast reports.


A.J. Spiker, the party’s chairman, told the Daily Beast in a statement that the contractor responsible for posting the flowchart, "Is Someone a Racist?" has been fired. The flowchart, which asked a series of questions to determine if a person is racist, noted that "if you think this flowchart isn't funny, then this flowchart is racist," the report says. 

"One day ago, a contractor of the Iowa GOP who handles social media made a post referencing a discussion on race that the GOP believes was in bad taste and inappropriate,” Spiker said Saturday in the statement to the Daily Beast. “We apologize to those whom were offended, have removed the post and are ensuring it does not happen again."

Spiker then announced in the statement, according to the Daily Beast, that "the contractor has been terminated and moving forward the Iowa GOP has instituted a new policy regarding our social media postings that will require all posts to be viewed and then approved by no less than two individuals before they are submitted and posted."

The post appeared on the official Iowa GOP Facebook account at 8 p.m. EST Friday, with the message "Because it's Friday night and we don't need serious political posts on Friday night we are sharing this. Happy Friday and LIKE and SHARE! Unless you think the chart is racist, then don't," the report says.

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