Screenshot of cover of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

We all know it's a rare moment when public officials admit to bad decision-making, especially wrongdoing. It’s even rarer when they reverse bad decisions. But a North Carolina school board has done just that.

The Randolph County Board of Education voted 6-1 on Wednesday to reverse a ban of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, the Associated Press reports.

The move came after the board incited a firestorm of controversy when it voted to remove the book from reading lists in response to a complaint from a parent, The Root reported earlier.

At the time of the vote, a board member stated that he "didn’t find any literary value" in the novel, which paints a haunting and complex portrait of racism in America. Perhaps the board member gave it another read. Who knows? At any rate, kudos to the Randolph County Board of Education for overturning the ban.

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