Samuel and Candi Aarons

An interracial couple in Columbus, Ga., went out for a nice dinner, but once they picked their car up from the valet, they saw a derogatory note attached to their ticket, CBS Atlanta News reports.

The couple had dined at Spondivits restaurant, and "the experience besides the valet was wonderful," Samuel Aarons told the news station.

The parking attendant " ā€¦ was very polite, opened the door for my wife when we arrived. [He] brought our car to us and opened the door for my wife when we left. I told him 'thanks' and gave him a nice tip," he continued.

Afterward the couple noticed that same valet had written "Jungle Fever" on the valet tag attached to their key chain. They knew right away he was referring to the 1991 Spike Lee movie Jungle Fever, which focused on the African-American and Italian communities' reaction to a black man dating a white woman.

"I was more disappointedā€”disappointed that people are still behaving like that in 2014," said Samuel Aarons.


The restaurant wouldn't talk to CBS Atlanta on camera but stated by phone, "The valet company [Advance Parking Solutions] runs the parking lot. They addressed the issue and fired the employee. They don't and we don't tolerate any type of racial-speak."

"You should screen whomever you hire. No matter if they park your cars or work registers or whatever you do," said Candi Aarons.

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