Ind. Teen Allegedly Slayed Flight Attendant in Grisly Robbery Plot

DeCarol Deloney-Cain
DeCarol Deloney-Cain

In an eerie robbery plot that ended in murder near a deserted stretch of road in Gary, Ind., a veteran United Airlines flight attendant was viciously beaten, fatally stabbed and stuffed in her car trunk allegedly by her daughter’s boyfriend, the Daily News reports, citing various news outlets and court documents.


Damarius Wren, 18, on Friday was arrested and charged with murder in the beating and stabbing death of DeCarol Deloney-Cain, the 54-year-old mother of his girlfriend, whose name was not revealed, the report says.

He allegedly stabbed her six times, fractured her skull and tossed her bound body in the trunk of her own car and then abandoned the vehicle near Gary, Ind., the News reports, citing court documents. 

The daughter told cops that the boyfriend planned to rob her mom in early July because it was when she received her paycheck, the report says. The 27-year United Airlines veteran went missing before the July 4 holiday, but her family did not intially grow worried because she oftentimes worked on long international flights.

But they recently learned about her brutal death after investigators identified her body Thursday by tracing the serial numbers in her breast implants. Her body was wrapped in plastic bags, her hands and feet were bound with red duct tape and a pillowcase was placed over her head, WBBM-TV reported Friday.

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