In Water-Is-Wet News, Trump Supporters Have a Change of Heart

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You can’t make this stuff up, folks. It’s just too good. It was 304 Electoral College votes that allowed Donald Trump to become the president of the United States of America, and now all of those (white) people are changing their minds. I don’t understand what those supporters saw in a candidate or even a man like Trump, but at least they are seeing the light.


According to CNN, a majority of registered voters (53 percent) now say they are mostly pessimistic about the next few years of Trump’s time in office. It’s as simple as the people who love the Affordable Care Act and hate Obamacare, or Tomi Lahren saying that just because she has Obamacare doesn’t mean she has to like it. It’s the kind of confused, Trump-supporting brain that doesn’t understand that Trump cares only about himself.

“He needs to lose a little ego,” one of his supporters said in this video. It’s hard to imagine people can still hold on to hope for a president who fired the FBI director because he wasn’t personally loyal to him, encouraged police officers to use more force, undermined international cooperation on climate change and cast doubt on America’s credibility in front of the entire world because ... he’s a genius.


It’s funny but good news that Republican voters are losing their faith in Trump. That is 1 in 6 Republicans who are now saying they are mainly pessimistic about his tenure. To that, many of us are saying: Duh.

Read more at CNN.

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Non Sleeping Giant

Yeah, but what about that follow up question: Are you going to stop voting for idiots like him and not vote for him in 2020?

Getting a clue doesn’t mean getting your ass off your shoulders.