In Shocking Twist, Fox News Calls Trump's Claim 'Fake News'

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Fox News talking head Laura Ingraham hosted a D-Day interview with President Trump, which if you didn’t see it, went something like this: “blah-blah-blah Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t want me to succeed..blah-blah...I like giraffes...blah-blah...I once ate a walrus.”


The interview isn’t the important part, because it was the usual Trump-slamming-Democrats ca-ca. What was important is that after the interview, Ingraham took to the mayo-saturated airwaves that are Fox News to note that the president made one false claim even she couldn’t let stand.

“Some of you may have heard or read that President Trump supposedly held up the entire D-Day ceremony in order to do this interview with me,” Ingraham said, as reported by Vox News. “That is patently false—fake news.”

According to Vox, the ceremony started late but it had nothing to do with the president wanting to show love to his favorite YouTube channel. It turns out that the ceremony was running on CP time because French President Emmanuel Macron was running late. Trump, of course, took advantage of Macron’s tardiness to make it appear as if he were holding up the entire ceremony to appease Fox News viewership.

“Listen to those incredible people back there,” Trump said, referring to people who were gathered to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, Vox reports. “These people are so amazing, and what they don’t realize is that I’m holding them up because of this interview, but that’s because it’s you. By the way, congratulations on your ratings. I’m very proud.”

Vox notes that Trump advised his supporters not to believe what they see from the media that doesn’t give glowing reports about his presidency, which he also calls “fake news.”


“Just remember, what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” he said.

For once, the news station that broadcasts out of Trump’s inner suit jacket pocket was able to apply his own words against him.

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I’m not sure who to believe, the President of the United States or some talking head from Fox News.