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I'm Kind of Bitchy. Is That Why I'm Single?

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Writing at xoJane, India-Jewel Jackson approaches the end of an online dating experiment by considering some revelations and lessons learned — including one about her own personality.

I said I'd give this project six full months, and as I near the finish line, I'm starting to realize that the end is going to be quite bittersweet. On one hand, I'm having so much fun. (And thankfully, I have yet to experience a disgustingly rude, hateful message.) On the other, this has to be the most tedious assignment I've ever taken on; I'm not sure if I'd ever want to date online again. Why?

1) Because maybe I'm kind of a bitch. (And maybe that's why I'm single.)

I got a wink from a guy on who's pretty much my ideal mate at first glance. Very handsome, a few years older, never married, no kids, fantastic career, blah, blah, blah. After his initial wink, I returned the wink and patiently awaited his intro message, which came 24 hours later.

"Thanks for the wink … What brings you to Match?"

This, my dear friends, is the message equivalent of a teeny-tiny flaccid penis on a man with huge hands. I couldn't have been more let down if I tried. Not only did he send me a super short inquiry, he also asked an utterly idiotic question …

2) What's with the multiple visits to my profile?!

I'll admit, I check my views/visitors page daily, just to see who's been scoping me so that I can see if they're worth a return scope. Often I see the same men have been to my page, and it has to be intentional …


Read India-Jewel Jackson's entire piece at xoJane.

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