I'm Casually Learning Portuguese Internet Slang While Bingeing The Circle Brazil

The Circle Brasil (2020)
The Circle Brasil (2020)
Screenshot: Netflix Brasil (YouTube )

Self-isolation could mean lying to yourself that you’ll finally finish that creative project you’ve been putting off for years or it could mean bingeing hours on hours of content on the fifty-eleven streaming platforms out there right now!


Speaking of which, Netflix recently announced that three of their most popular reality shows, Rhythm + Flow, The Circle and Love Is Blind have been renewed! As someone who has to critically assess content for a living, being able to immerse myself in some mindless entertainment is a low-maintenance treat that I don’t take for granted.

“It’s been incredible to see Netflix members everywhere respond to the raw, authentic stories of real people and real stakes,” Brandon Riegg, Netflix Vice President of Nonfiction Series and Comedy Specials said in a statement. “We pride ourselves on creating a favorite show for any taste, and we’re thrilled fans embraced all of these series with such enthusiasm and shared passion. We look forward to sparking more joy for our members.”

Very Smart Brothas’ own Panama Jackson has already broken down the top 10 reasons why the return of Love Is Blind is amazing news. What’s even more amazing is Love Is Blind is currently casting in Chicago, so I’m going to need to see at least one of my hometown homies on the show.

I’m also a Love Is Blind stan (Team Lameron!), but my newest obsession is The Circle Brazil (natively, The Circle Brasil). As an original fan of The Circle (shout-out to Seaburn!), I dove right into this international treat. For those of you who haven’t had time to catch it yet, The Circle franchise follows a group of contestants known as “players” who all live in an apartment building and solely interact through a social media app known as “The Circle.” Using social strategy such as likeability and attractiveness (yes, they can choose to be either themselves or a “catfish”), these players compete to become the most popular player all while trying to avoid getting blocked from “The Circle.”

The Circle Brasil teaser / Netflix Brasil (YouTube)

The contestants (who go in and out on a rolling basis) are Ana Carla Medeiros, Rob Vulcan (playing “Julia”), Gabriel “Gaybol” Cardoso, Paloma “Loma” Lisboa (playing“Lucas”), João Akel, Lorayne Oliver, Renan Marconi, Rafael “Raf” Vilar (playing “Ana”), a tag-team of Lucas Blazute / Marcel Blazute (both playing “Luma”), Raphael Dumaresq, João Paulo “JP” Gadelha, Rayssa “Ray” Santos and Marina Gregory.

The Circle Brasil / Netflix Brasil (YouTube)

Fun Fact: My big sister took a Portuguese class during undergrad and through her studying, I learned several phrases and the numbers 1-10, all of which I subsequently forgot, but I digress. However, The Circle Brazil has introduced me to a few other words such as “alerta” (alert) and“Bloqueada” (blocked), as well as the importance of Northeast Brazil solidarity. But, the most interesting dynamic is the giddiness I feel about the internet slang. I was thrilled to know that the contestants type “kkkk” instead of LOL and “huashuashuas” instead of LMAO. And though there is a formal word for “catfish” as it pertains to the creature, when it pertains to the internet slang term, the contestants say “fake.” Fascinating.


My favorite player of them all is Marina, who is a goddamn delight. Marina is, as The Root 100 2017 honoree Sarah “Huny” Young would say, a “thicksnack,” plus she’s extremely energetic and bubbly. I also love the snarkiness displayed by Dumaresq.


Similar to my feelings of loss when The Circle ended, there will be yet another void once I finish its Brazilian cousin. And we still need the British version that started this all on U.S. Netflix! But, I heard through the grapevine (heh) that there will be a French season of The Circle premiering on April 9! High School Tonja is going to flourish here!


The Circle Brazil is currently streaming on Netflix. More information on the aforementioned series from Netflix’s press release listed below:

Rhythm + Flow - Season 2

Let the games begin! Judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and Tip “T.I.” Harris return, looking for the next hip-hop sensation in season two of the music competition series Rhythm + Flow. The judges will join other industry legends in a multi-city search to find raw, undiscovered artists looking for their come up. Auditions are now open at RhythmAndFlow.com.
Production Companies: Gaspin Media, Jesse Collins Entertainment, and Get Lifted Film Co.
Executive Producers: Jeff Gaspin for Gaspin Media; Jesse Collins and Dionne Harmon for Jesse Collins Entertainment; Nikki Boella; John Legend, Mike Jackson, and Ty Stiklorius for Get Lifted Film Co.; Jeff Pollack; Cardi B; Chance the Rapper; and Tip “T.I.” Harris.

The Circle - Seasons 2 and 3

Season One challenged contestants to win over their fellow players without seeing each other in this modern social experiment competition. Host Michelle Buteau returns as all new contestants and catfish enter The Circle vying for a $100K prize — but new strategies, challenges, and twists are in store for the next two U.S. seasons. In a game where anyone can be anyone, who will be the next winner? Casting is open at TheCircleCasting.com.
Production Companies: Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group

Love Is Blind - Seasons 2 and 3

Is Love Blind? Season One’s emotional roller coaster proved it can be for some, but hosts Vanessa Lachey and her husband Nick Lachey (obviously) will ask the question again as new singles prepare to enter the pods for the dating experiment. Season two is currently casting in Chicago with season three to follow.
Production Company: Kinetic Content
Executive Producers: Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler, Brian Smith


Stay black; stay bingeing.



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