If Trump Tweets and No One Reports It, Does It Make a Sound?

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

It’s Monday, and that usually means that the president, who has the mental capacity of a teenager in the back of his parents’ car on a road trip vacation he doesn’t want to be on, is tweeting again. Of course, he’s tweeting about Russia and witch hunts and FAKE NEWS (all caps, always all caps) and Hillary Clinton.


There are those in the media who believe the president’s tweets serve as a distraction from his failed policy and inaction in office. As such, they argue that reporting on his nonsensical musings on social media actually helps take the attention off his miserable presidency. There are others who argue that the president’s tweeting gives an interesting view into the thinking, or lack thereof, of one of the most powerful emperors in America.

I used to be in the latter group, but now I’m not so sure. To be honest, the president’s Twitter is starting to get boring because it tends to follow the same pattern:

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about/investigating Hillary?
  • Thank you, Fox News, for your accurate reporting about inaccurate/skewed data about how great a job I’m doing!
  • No Russia collusion

At this point, the parts are interchangeable: just plug-and-play tweets that deflect any responsibility from this administration. And it’s getting old and tiresome.

On Monday, the eve of senior adviser Jared Kushner’s meeting with an investigative congressional committee, Trump posted several tweets that at this point are just boring:


Trump Twitter tantrums are little more than a baby crying because it needs a nap. I can’t believe that this is the time in which we live, when we actually have to ignore the president’s tweets because he can’t stop trolling us long enough to govern, but that’s where we are, America.


Thank you, 53 percent of white women!

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It’s tough for people with dementia to form new thoughts. They mostly just repeat the same things regardless of the actual topic.