‘I Love You Black Man. I Love You Black Woman’: Meet the Real-Life Best Friends of Netflix’s See You Yesterday

Netflix’s See You Yesterday isn’t your average sci-fi flick. Black nerds fighting police brutality, creating time travel and exposing viewers to Caribbean-American culture combine to show another side of the science-fiction genre. Directed by Stefon Bristol and produced by Spike Lee, See You Yesterday is led by a duo who have been friends since birth and it shows in this Afro-futurist joint, where blackness meets time travel.


There’s a great scene where the two leads, Eden Duncan-Smith (Claudette “C.J.” Walker) and Danté Crichlow (Sebastian J. Thomas), tell each other, “I love you black man. I love you too, black woman.” It’s a powerful, organic moment that even had Shonda Rhimes stanning.

We spoke to the duo about their real-life friendship, being nerds and what they would do if they had their own time machine. See the full video above.

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Saw it yesterday, it was a tough movie, dealt with a lot.

If this movie was any indication of the directions Netflix is willing to take, things are looking up.