I Guess We’ve Got to Talk About the Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock Debate

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This debate was doomed before it started.

On one side, you have Raphael Warnock, a sensible Black pastor and politician who rose to prominence on the Atlanta political scene after a push to expand Medicare under the Affordable Care Act. On the other side, you have Kelly Loeffler, a Karen, Trump enthusiast who co-owns the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream.

On one side, you have a Black man, and on the other, you have a white woman who, if she wasn’t involved in the debate, would’ve most likely called the police to note that there is a Black man on a stage holding a podium that he’s probably going to steal.

On one side, you have sensibility and a plan. On the other, you have the incumbent who is proud of her 100 percent voting record in perfect alignment with Trump.


This debate went about as well as you’d expect.

On Sunday, Warnock and Loeffler got together to hash out their positions on everything ahead of twin Georgia runoff elections that hold the fate of the world in their balance (Democrat Jon Ossoff literally debated an empty podium as David Perdue refused to debate because Republican).

And Warnock and Loeffler couldn’t have been further apart on everything. Loeffler won’t even admit that her boo, President Trump, lost re-election in November. According to CBS News, Loeffler was asked specifically about “President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia and whether she agreed with Mr. Trump’s unfounded accusations of widespread voter fraud, Loeffler sidestepped the matter.”

“The president has every right to every legal recourse, and that’s what’s taking place,” Loeffler said.


And later, because always later, Loeffler pulled out her aluminum foil sun hat and started spouting off Trump’s unfounded and completely unsupported claims of voter irregularities in the November election. Not once did Loeffler acknowledge the countless number of post-election challenges that have been thrown out of the courts, including Georgia, because there was no voter fraud.

Instead of Warnock turning to the moderator and noting that “Karen can’t be serious?!” He simply pointed out that she’s batshit crazy for trying to delegitimize a legit election.


“The people have spoken on the presidential election, and they’re waiting on their senator to be focused on them, not the person in the White House.”

Now, why would the pastor think that the truth would work on this woman?

From CBS News:

However, Loeffler, again and again, tacitly admitted Mr. Trump’s defeat by casting the runoffs necessary to prevent a leftward march. ″Everything is at stake in this election, the future of our country,” she said, alluding to the high-stakes battle for control of the Senate.

Loeffler more than a dozen times blasted “radical liberal Raphael Warnock” and hammered the pastor as a socialist who would ensure everything from a government takeover of the U.S. healthcare system to the seizure of Americans’ guns. Warnock, who is not a socialist, countered by blasting Loeffler as a self-interested, uber-wealthy politician who “lied not only on me, but on Jesus” by highlighting and, he said, misrepresenting bits and pieces of sermons he’s delivered over the years.


You lied on Jesus! Jesus!

You know how cold you have to be to claim that a white woman lied on Jesus?!

Warnock did come to play with this woman.

The rest of the debate followed suit. Warnock wouldn’t say whether or not he supported expanding the Supreme Court; Loeffler claimed that it was Democrats’ fault that a second stimulus bill hadn’t been passed, completely ignoring that the House passed a bill in May that sat on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk. Both said they’d take a COVID-19 vaccine.


Come on Georgia: You already turned blue and voted for Biden! Please continue shunning wild conspiracies from rich white women and vote to take over Congress. I mean, it’s only the fate of the free world hanging in the balance.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

The president has every right to every legal recourse, and that’s what’s taking place

The President does have every right to legal recourse, but that is clearly NOT what is taking place. If he were interested in legal recourse, he would have raised the lawsuits months ago when the procedures were announced, not wait till he lost (the “laches” principle). He would have actually claimed fraud in a lawsuit somewhere. He would have supplied some evidence of fraud instead of just presenting hearsay and conjecture. He would have challenged more votes than his margin of loss in multiple states, and not just a few hundred in places he lost by tens of thousands. He wouldn’t keep bringing the same complaints after being told by numerous judges those complaints have no merit. He would make the claims that he has made on Twitter in front of judges. He would not have been laughed out of court dozens of times.

But he hasn’t done any of those things. So maybe he is fundraising. Maybe he thinks he can bully state legislators into disregarding the will of the people and sort of semi-legally (but not legally) declaring him the winner. Maybe he is undermining Joe Biden’s presidency to make himself look better by comparison. Maybe he is doing propaganda for a run in 2024. Maybe he just wants to undermine the Republic out of spite because he lost. He might be doing any or all of those things, who cna know what goes on in that tiny, narcisistic, brain of his.  But he is not seeking legal recourse on the 2020 election. That is most definitely not what is taking place.