How Much Would You Pay for a Wedding Dress Beyoncé Wore?

How much would you pay for a wedding dress worn by pop superstar Beyoncé? What if she didn't actually get married in it but just wore it in her "Best Thing I Never Had" video? A seller (it's unclear exactly who that person is) on is hoping for $30,000, according to Essence. If you're on the fence, that's a $55,000 savings.

Sold? No? Well, something tells us someone will be. And if the money goes to a good cause, even better.

The details of the item indicate the original dress cost $85,000.

The decadent size four dress detailed with a French lace bodice has a sweetheart neckline, hand draped gold silk, hand-hewn Swarovski pendants, crystals and more.

There's no indication on who is actually selling the dress or where the proceeds will go. 


Read more at Essence and People.

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