White House adviser Ivanka Trump listens as her father, President Donald Trump, speaks about small businesses at the White House Aug. 1, 2017. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

I guess the White House has a move when President Douchey von ShitBag is in a meeting, and that is to have his daughter Cersei Lannister Ivanka Trump stroll into the meeting as if she doesn’t know that a meeting is happening so that everyone in the meeting can play nice. And then, while Ivanka is in said meeting, she brings up other topics, which takes the initial meeting offtrack.

It’s a nonstrategic strategic move by a shallow shell of a man who truly believes that everyone loves his daughter and that the casual drop-by is an unexpected but welcome surprise.


“Take Wednesday’s meeting with congressional leaders: Ivanka Trump, who also serves as a White House adviser, entered the Oval Office to ‘say hello’ and the meeting careened off-topic,” a congressional source briefed on the meeting told CNN.

Some Republican leaders were visibly annoyed, the source told CNN, but Donald Trump’s lapdog Paul Ryan assured the news station that those reports just weren’t true.

Not only did Ivanka Trump stroll in, according to CNN, but she came in right after Donald Trump sided with Democrats in a deal to pass disaster-relief funding and raise the debt ceiling, continuing to fund the government until December.

Seemed like it was a perfect time for Ivanka to break up a highly contentious meeting in which the Republican president had just sided with his enemies. CNN notes that right before Ivanka’s arrival, Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were “shell-shocked” by what had just happened.


And then here came Ivanka to talk about the Child Tax Credit, which totally took the conversation in another direction and prevented any Republican leaders from turning to the president and yelling, “Bitch, how could you?!”

“We asked Ivanka to briefly join the meeting for an update on the child care tax credit and how we are working to make tax reform a bipartisan issue,” Marc Short, White House director of legislative affairs, told CNN. “It was a quick and productive conversation.”


I’m sure it was.

Read more at CNN.

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