After yesterday recommending a censure of Rep. Charles Rangel, the House ethics committee today postponed indefinitely Rep. Maxine Waters' ethics hearing. The committee cited "new evidence" as its reason for postponement, though it would not specify what that new evidence included.

In July, Waters was accused of improperly securing TARP funds for a bank in which her husband was a stockholder.

Following the committee's announcement, Waters said that the delay proves her accusers are grasping at straws. She also scoffed at the committee's new evidence:

In fact, the Committee has had this "new" document since October 29th, and it does not provide any new significant information. In fact, the document shows that my office was working to ensure that Emergency Economic Stabilization Act assisted small and minority institutions. The document does not reflect any action on behalf of any specific company. Although the Committee continues to insist that the "small bank language" was drafted to benefit only one institution, the facts do not support that assertion; in fact, the documentary record directly contradicts it.  

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