Hotline Bling: Want a Personal Motivational Message From Rod Blagojevich? It’ll Cost You $100

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One would think that disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich wouldn’t be into taping messages considering it was FBI recordings that brought down his plans to sell the Senate seat left vacant by Barack Obama, but one would be wrong.


The Chicago Tribune has found that the recently pardoned Blagojevich is back on his grind, offering online video service messages that include “personalized workday, anniversary or motivational shoutout” from the spineless shit heel himself for as much as $100.

Some online video service called Cameo lists Blagojevich as a client, whose rate was $40 but jumped to $100 in just a day, and the Tribune notes that it could go higher.

From the Tribune:

Brandon Kazimer, a representative with Cameo, confirmed that Blagojevich started the page on Thursday but did not yet know the exact number of patrons who have purchased a message. The digital service offers strangers personalized videos from celebrities and others.

Blagojevich’s 14-year federal prison sentence was commuted Feb. 18 by President Donald Trump, 11 years after the Illinois legislature removed Blagojevich from office following an arrest by federal agents on corruption charges.

Apparently this is the new hot thing among disgraced politicians. Think OnlyFans but with more clothes.

“Sean Spicer is on Cameo, Tomi Lahren is on Cameo. Right down the line, Republicans and Democrats have both joined Cameo,” Kazimer told the Tribune.


A spicy video from “former White House spokesman Spicer will set a viewer back $199. Greetings from conservative commentator Lahren come at $80 each.”

While Blagojevich is trying to capitalize on his newfound freedom with recordings, I like some of his earlier work back when he was still governor of Illinois.


Like this little diddie:


Or the recording where he was caught talking shit about Jesse Jackson Jr.

“I mean Jesse Jr? It’s a repugnant thought to me. Can’t believe anything he says. What he’s got third parties saying to me is a heck of a lot more substantial than what we’re getting from the Obama people, OK?” Blagojevich said.


Or the FBI recordings where Blagojevich couldn’t believe that he was helping his constituents grandmothers get free bus rides and his approval ratings were still shit.

“I (expletive) bust my (expletive) to give your (expletive) grandma a free ride on the bus. Your (expletive) baby has healthcare. What do I get for that? Only 13% think I’m doing a good job. So, (expletive) all of you!”


But a Blagojevich is going to Blagojevich, amirite? He’s got to make a buck and since being released from prison on March 13 after serving seven years of his 14 year sentence it seems ol’ Blagojevich is picking right back up where he left off. I mean charging $20 more than Tomi Lahren is criminal, when everyone knows he’s worth at least $50 more than that talking broomstick.

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Hi this Rod...with the prison bod.

What am I wearing?

An orange jumpsuit. But it’s “tight” in all the right places. I cut the sleeves and legs off so you can see my hard prison yard muscles.

Would you like me to rub oil on those muscles?


Well that’s going to cost you a little extra but I will totally make it worth your while.