Here’s Why Reggie Bush Is Trending

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Reggie Bush hasn’t been very good at running the football lately, but he’s been very good at running these streets.



Here’s the latest on Bush’s shenanigans: So Bush is married and has a wife (she looks a lot like his old girlfriend Kim Kardashian, which isn’t hard because they both look plastic-y). Anyway, ol’ Reggie couldn’t keep it in his pants and apparently got another woman, someone named “Monique,” pregnant. Monique is married to a different NFL player who now wants a divorce because he’s positive the baby isn’t his.

And the drama will continue because, according to TMZ Sports, the anonymous football player who wants a divorce from Monique also “is demanding she hand over any documentation proving [Bush] could be the father ... such as DNA tests, confidentiality agreements or payments he may have made to her,” the site reports.

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Kim dodged a bullet with this one.