So while some Black women may be nervous for being outed for being carefree, some Black men ought to be a bit more nervous for possibly being outed for far more dangerous and criminal things. But to be clear: this isn’t an “attack on Black men” as some online have purported it to be. To show the ugly truths about a portion of people in our own community shouldn’t be perceived as a part of some hidden agenda—it should be perceived as a call to action for accountability and serious conversations about consent and sexual violence. It also shouldn’t be taken as an opportunity to engage in “what aboutism” with regard to white people and the things they’ve seemingly gotten away with. (And yes, I’m talking to all you “where’s the documentary on Girls Gone Wild” folks. Literally, go look it up. It’s all there.)


However, the negative stories of the festival seem to hold little weight with people, especially seeing as how an attempt to bring Freaknik back just happened as recently as 2019. As previously reported by The Root, thanks to Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell and rappers Trina and Juvenile, the festival was revived to a degree with many R&B and Hip-Hop artists coming down to perform as well as participate in community service projects. This was deemed beneficial to both people who still hold the festival in high regard and the city of Atlanta as far as revenue is concerned.

All in all, what should be noted is that we really have no clue what this new Hulu documentary will show. But what we can hope for is that it shows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of a once-beloved festival that brings back memories to so many people for so many different reasons. Our people, our community is owed that much.