Here’s What ‘Make America Great Again’ Looks Like


Look at all that diversity surrounding President Donald Trump! There are some short white guys and tall white guys. Some of them have blue ties and some of them have red ties, and if you look really, really closely, there’s a white woman. Yep, one white woman. So, I don’t want to hear anymore that Trump isn’t promoting diversity, since he posted this photo to prove that diversity is clearly a top priority in his administration.

In fact, the photo was taken right after Trump signed “legislation to end an Obama coal-mining rule, which protected waters from mining waste,” Mashable reports.

Of course, not everyone on Twitter could see the prominent diversity displayed in the photo, and that’s because they were looking for inclusive diversity under the traditional definition. But we should all know by now that this is a Trump presidency. Alternative facts and fake news abound, and diversity in Trump World is whiteness in its various states.

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One Twitter user decided to add a little color to the photo for those stuck on conventional diversity.


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$100 says someone in this room used the phrase “the blacks” within the last 24 hours.