Here's Hoping for Change: Hillary Clinton as VP

Hillary Clinton (Michael Kovac/Getty Images)
Hillary Clinton (Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Bringing Hillary Clinton on as vice president would be a surefire victory for President Obama because it would remind recession-weary Democrats of the golden Clinton years, writes Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington.

In two weeks, the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Charlotte. In one gargantuan move, Obama could blow it all out, by presenting Hillary Clinton as his VP.

Obama can dispatch Joe Biden to happily serve as secretary of State, a job Biden reportedly has coveted.

The Big Switch would rivet every corner of the nation, from the skeptical bookmakers in Las Vegas, to Florida’s Bingo blue hairs, to the drought-weary corn growers of Iowa. This play that would make history, all over again.

An Obama/Clinton ticket would, among other things:

* Provide the president a huge convention bounce, generate gobs of free media, thus leveling the Republicans’ SuperPAC-fueled advertising advantage.

* Bring home disenchanted liberal and independent female voters who wanted a Hillary Clinton presidency in 2008, and remind recession-weary Democratic voters of the golden Clinton years.

Lately, Joe Biden seems to have chains on his mind. Obama can liberate Mr. Loose Lips from his vice-presidential shackles and declare victory.


Read Laura Washington's entire piece at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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