Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I sign up for The Root Newsletter?

There is a newsletter tab at the top of The homepage, which gives you the option of signing up for The Root Daily Newsletter, The Chatterati Newsletter and/or the National Black Calendar. Add your email address and you will begin to receive the newsletters immediately.


How do I unsubscribe from The Root Newsletter?

At the bottom of the newsletter is an Unsubscribe tab.

How do I receive updates from The Root on social media?

Like The Root on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

How do I comment on The Root articles?

The comments section appears at the bottom of each article. You can access by either scrolling down the page or clicking on the green comment button to the left of the headline. Before commenting you will be asked to sign in with a Facebook login and password.

How do I submit an article to The Root?

Freelancers interested in writing for The Root should submit 1-2 paragraph story pitches, along with links to previously published clips. Please copy and paste the pitch into the body of the email and also attach as a word document. Send submissions, along with a short bio and contact information to

How do I get Tracing Your Roots to research my family history?

If you have a question about your ancestry that you would like to submit, send as much information as can about your family, any other research you have conducted and the important family names to