Hasan: Who Shot Ya?

There seems to be some controversy as to who brought down Nidal Malki Hasan, the Fort Hood Shooter: the doe-faced white cop or the brother cop on-scene. Why is it that when you have two certified heroes — one black, the other one white — it always seems like we celebrate the white one first and loudest. I heard about Sgt. Munley taking down the shooter off the wire a few minutes before I did the "Barbershop" last week, but didn't mention her because I've learned to wait on better reporting around some incidents. Her face and her story seemed too made-for-TV.

This is the kind of thing that white people say doesn't matter, but it does. When there are two heroes and one of them is black, why can't we seem to get the story straight? Why does race color the narrative of a story? Why does it matter?

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