Harlem Becomes Site of Only Public Gender-Affirming Clinic in NYC

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An East Harlem, N.Y., clinic dedicated to the needs of transgender individuals will expand its services to that community, the city announced this week.

Harlem Patch reports that the uptown branch of Metropolitan Hospital’s LGBT Health Center will now offer gender-affirming “top surgeries” and access to hormone therapy for transgender patients.


Patients referred by their primary care physician for breast augmentations, breast implants or chest-masculinization surgery will now be able to have the work done at the clinic, which opened in 2014 to specifically serve the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults.

The clinic is the only center within the city’s public health system to offer gender-affirming surgeries.

Not only does the clinic treat its patients with respect and provide culturally sensitive health care, but because the public hospital accepts most health insurances, it may be the most affordable option for a trans community that is four times more likely to live in poverty.

“Transgender and gender-non-conforming people remain extremely vulnerable to experiencing barriers in accessing health care. By expanding our transgender-affirming services, we are renewing our commitment to ensure that all of our patients live their healthiest lives,” said Alina Moran, the CEO of Metropolitan.


“We are proud to lead the way in providing equitable health care for all of our patients, regardless of their gender identities,” Moran adds.

Read more at Harlem Patch.

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