If Haitians were hoping that Sunday's election would give the battered country a fresh start, they can forget about it. Twelve of the 18 candidates for president of the Caribbean island nation called for the results to be put aside, claiming massive fraud in the process. There clearly was violence, with three dead in the northern city of Gonaives and a number of polling places closed because of rock throwing or invasion by mobs. Unconfirmed reports said there was ballot stuffing — or that ballot boxes were missing from a number of polling sites. Former Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard, one of the presidential candidates, said the election had been "ruined." Many voters were turned away or had to fill out provisional ballots because their names were missing from voter rolls at polling places. Despite the complaints, Haiti's Provisional Electoral Commission said the process would continue. With as many as a million people homeless and a cholera epidemic claiming nearly 2,000 lives so far, Haiti just can't seem to catch a break.

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