Hack ‘Journalist’ Files Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters

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Photo: Pete Marovich (Getty Images)

Laura Loomer, a hack journalist who calls herself an “investigative journalist” and lives off of donations from Donald Trump supporters who pad her PayPal, has filed assault charges against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).


Video of the incident shows Loomer confronting Waters as she’s walking the halls of Congress. When Loomer reveals that she is a Trump supporter, Waters replies that she would have no problem talking with her but would rather she make an appointment and come to her office.

Whether emboldened by white privilege, basic-bitch lattes or dragon energy, Loomer continues to ask questions and continues to shove her iPhone (I assume it was an iPhone, but it very well could have been an Android phone, since this is total Android-phone behavior) in the congresswoman’s face. At one point, Auntie Maxine holds a paper over her face so as not to be recorded. At another point, the congresswoman waves the device Loomer is holding away from her face.

Auntie Maxine finally makes it to the congressional elevator, which is only for members of Congress; do you think this stops Loomer? Fuck, no! She tries to force her way onto the elevator even after being told several times that the elevator is for Congress members only. Loomer refuses to let the elevator leave. In fact, she stands there so long that the elevator starts making that “Bitch, move from in front of the doors!” noise.

One of the men in the elevator continues to tell Loomer that the elevator is for members and “Members have to vote!” but the man was black and in Trump’s America (hell, in every America), Loomer ignores him. Because no one wanted to push Loomer out of the elevator doorway, everyone had to wait her out as she literally held everyone in the elevator hostage with her antics.

On Loomer’s website, Big League Politics (which I won’t be linking to), she claims that Auntie Maxine’s eyelash blew air against her face (fine, she claims that Waters pushed her hand or some shit).


“When I confronted her regarding her call for targeted harassment of Trump administration officials, Ms. Waters assaulted me 3 times,” Loomer wrote. “She hit my hand to try to knock my phone out of my hand, and then she hit me in the face with her papers twice.”

Watch the video below and see if you can find the moments when Loomer is “assaulted.”

Loomer gives respectable PayPal journalists a bad name. At this point, Loomer is sounding like a snowflake who’s looking for a come up on Auntie Maxine’s good name.



Firstly: How dare you demean good Android users, sir. Just how dare you.

But moving on: This bitch. They should have called the cops on her as she blocked the elevator. Back of the bus my ass. These people want to cry oppression so bad while BEING IN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT AND ENACTING LAWS TO BLATANTLY OPPRESS ENTIRE SWATHS OF PEOPLE BASED ON RACE, RELIGION, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, AND SEXUALITY.

Ugh, I cannot.