Grasping at Straws: Fox and Friends Has Trump Believing Google Search for ‘Can I Change My Vote’ Means Votes for Him

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There was a time after I’d just broken up with my girlfriend when I believed that everything that was happening was secretly a sign from God or the universe that I’d made the wrong choice. I was desperate because I was single and secretly feeling like I may be this way forever. Desperation does that. It makes children’s games into life-altering happenings. It makes a takeout straw not just a takeout straw.


So it’s obvious that both Republican PornHub aka Fox and Friends, which is responsible for Trump’s daily briefings, and the president of people who watch Fox and Friends with their pants down believe that an uptick in searches for “Can I change my vote” somehow means something positive for Trump.

From Mediaite:

The Google search trend was first brought up by co-host Steve Doocy, who said on the show, “Apparently, according to Google Trends, one of the searches that is trending right now is the question, ‘Can I change my vote?’”

Doocy was referencing a New York Post article that reported that searches for “Can I change my vote?” spiked on Google amid the Hunter Biden laptop controversy.

“Also in a number of states this is tied to searches for Hunter Biden, and I’m sure after the former vice president said this stuff about fracking, people might have second thoughts,” Doocy continued, adding, “But nonetheless, according to this article, it is possible to change your vote even though you have early voted via absentee ballot.”

Mediaite also notes that some twenty minutes later another Fox News host, I believe the name was Douchey Fidelhoffen (or something—I don’t have time to look up the actual name), also pointed out the Google trend data, saying, “According to Google trends data, guess what has been trending over the last few days? “Can I change my vote?” and “Hunter Biden.”

Fam. Why are we even voting? This shit is clearly in the bag for Trump as people have been Googling “Can I change my vote” and “cocksmoker”—and anyone who knows, knows that cocksmoker is coded language for “Burisma!”

Of course, Trump took political Highlights’ word for it and of course, tweeted it out as if it was the gospel.


When you are desperate you find hope in almost anything. My hope for Trump is that when he’s in a prison cell he can remember these times fondly and find hope to keep going...or not.

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If the republican-nazi party doesn’t steal another election, the reinstatement of the fairness doctrine and the shuttering of fox fakenews needs to be done immediately.