The Feds aren't happy with what they think ACORN is doing with their money and have asked a judge to put a kibosh on the dough. From The AP:

The government is arguing that a judge should reverse her ruling that its cutoff of ACORN funding was unconstitutional.

The government said in papers filed Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn that an investigative report commissioned by ACORN reinforces Congress' concern with ACORN's misuse of federal funds.

The report was released four days before Judge Nina Gershon ruled Friday.

ACORN lawyers say they want Gershon to make sure the government knows that the judge's ruling applies to a budget bill signed this week.

Bill Quigley, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, says the bill contains the same language Gershon found unconstitutional.

ACORN describes itself as an advocate for low-income and minority homebuyers and residents.


Happy Holidays, ACORN.