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GOP Operative: Helping Kids of Color Feel Like They Belong Hurts White Kids

Mary Beeman done ran out here in the year of our Lord Zendaya and claimed that loving up Black children hurts white conservative kids.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mary Beeman
Mary Beeman
Screenshot: Eyewitness News 3

There has to be balance.

For Obama, there was Trump.

For Magic Johnson, there was Larry Bird.

For every Ayanna Pressley, there is a Mary Beeman.

Who is Mary Beeman, I hear you asking. Well, Mary Beeman—she of the hate-filled Beemans from Connecticut—is a campaign manager for the Guilford Republican school board candidates, and during a University of Connecticut virtual education forum, Beeman fixed her thin Christian lips to claim that “helping kids of color to feel they belong has a negative effect on white, Christian, or conservative kids.”

Beeman then took her klan hood out of her lap, placed it on her head and asked if there were any questions. OK, she didn’t take out a hood, but tell me this isn’t some klan shit. Apparently, the forum was on critical race theory and instead of sticking to her notes, which surely read, “Stop blaming white people for the mistakes of white people!” and “Systemic racism is really just a system to continue to promote white amazingness,” Beeman decided to freestyle her own position and what a position it was.

When questioned about her comment, Beeman said, “The statement I made was poorly worded and shown out of context. Guilford students who may have staunch Judeo-Christian values, or simply are conservative thinkers, have been bullied into submission by their teachers and fellow students with left-leaning ideologies,” Eyewitness News 3 reports.


Ummm...“Exactly what context would that comment be positive in,” Guilford Chairman Bill Bloss said.

Side note: I hate when people say exactly how they feel and then moonwalk that shit back when called out. I’d much rather Beeman stood her ground until she is casually escorted from her position instead of continuously doing damage from the inside of the system. 

Bloss, a school board member for 20 years, said that Republicans continuously claim, without proof, CRT has been taught in school when it has not. What’s actually being taught in school is American history and some white people have issues with that.

Bloss noted that Beeman should resign.