Google Brings Low-Cost Smartphones to 6 African Countries

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
The $88 Google Hot 2 phone will launch in six African markets and include the latest smartphone technology.  
Jumia screenshot

A typical smartphone without a contract can run anywhere from $500 to $800, and Google is hoping to change that for countries where technology is lagging and access to affordable smartphones is almost impossible. 

On Tuesday, Google announced sales of its new, low-price smartphone in six African countries "where most people still can't afford an Internet-connected device," the Associated Press reports.


According to AP, the Hot 2 phone will cost only $88 and will be made available in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Morocco.

The phone, made by Infinix, which worked with Google on the Hot 2 phone under a program called Android One, launched in India last year.

AP notes that the Android One platform is part of Google's push to bring affordable technology to impoverished areas. And Google didn't skimp on the technology aspect, since AP reports that the Hot 2 phone will run the latest version of Android software.

The benefit of bringing faster technology to countries that are lagging is that at some point, AP notes, "Google, Facebook and other Internet companies" will be able to "expand their audiences and eventually sell more digital advertising."


Read more at the Associated Press.

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