Good News! Megan Thee Stallion Is Showing Off Her Body-Ody-Ody-Ody of Work in Debut Album

“Body” music video (2020)
“Body” music video (2020)
Screenshot: Megan Thee Stallion/YouTube

Extra extra, read all about the extra sizzling hotness coming your way on Friday!


Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album, Good News is finally here! Since we’re talking about being “extra,” we all know by now that Meg doesn’t do “basic.” Along with a whole-ass album dropping, she also released a sexy and empowering music video for one of the songs off the album, “Body.”

Get into this:

Megan Thee Stallion - Body [Official Video] / Megan Thee Stallion (YouTube)

In the song, Meg raps, “Body crazy, curvy, wavy, big titties, lil’ waist,” which obviously refers to her own body, but she’s also about that inclusive life because she invited Black women with a nice range of bodies. We spy cameos from Blacc Chyna, Taraji P. Henson, Tabria Majors, Jordyn Woods, and more!

Earlier this week, Meg shook the table (you know, the table that usually holds the newspaper with the good news...huzzah!) when she released the official tracklist, giving even more of a tease for her much-anticipated debut album.

Well, she delivered because the opening track, “Shots Fired,” was not only dope due to the wittily relevant title; this woman actually chose to rap over the “Who Shot Ya” sample first made infamous by the legendary Notorious B.I.G. Girl!!!


Like I said earlier this week, Megan is Thee Queen of Thee Week. Not only did Megan give you the tunes and the visuals, but she provided all of her hot girls with something to wear while twerking to her new shit, too, thanks to her recent collab with Fashion Nova.


Sure, we may have to do most of this twerking in the house—but a lockdown won’t stop this Body-Ody-Ody party! People may not be able to experience it in person, but that’s why God invented Instagram Stories (Twitter Fleets is nothing but the devil, though).

It’s Hot Girl Week! I know most of you stayed up late (after that stressful-ass Verzuz, too!) to listen to it as soon as it dropped at midnight EST, but if you want to stream today (even for the 50-11th time), you can now stream Good News wherever you listen to your music.


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