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Y’all, I simply love reporting on the failures of white supremacists. It’s probably a top 3 favorite thing for me besides food and talking to anyone who will listen about why Def Jam: Fight For NY is easily a top 5 fighting game of all time.


The Spokesman-Review reports that 64 various members of white nationalist gangs in North Texas have been sentenced to a collective 820 years. That averages out to about 12.8 years per person. This sentencing concludes a six-year-long investigation involving 153 white nationalists. The other 89 were sentenced back in 2017 to a collective 1,070 years in prison. Their sentencing comes as a result of charges ranging from drugs and firearms to kidnapping, threats and assault. U.S Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said “Not only do white supremacist gangs endorse repugnant ideologies, they also facilitate a violent drug and gun trade, putting our citizens in grave danger.

White nationalists are not the best or the brightest. These are people with a lot of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re committing crimes. They’re bad people, folks. Through and through.


The most interesting thing to me is that, like clockwork, everything that these folks blame black and brown people for, they wind up doing. It makes their hatred come off as even more irrational. They clearly don’t have that much of a problem with drugs, guns and general criminal activity. At the end of the day, it really just comes down to pigment. It’s seriously baffling at how the presence of melanin just can fuck someone’s day up so badly.

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