Geraldo Rivera to Roberto de Posada: 'You're a Punk'

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera must have had a flashback to his days of civil rights activism, because he went slap off on Roberto de Posada, the man behind the infamous "Don't Vote" ads targeting Latinos in Las Vegas. On Geraldo at Large, Rivera jumped on Posada from the beginning of the interview, not really allowing him to explain himself. When he was allowed to speak, Posada didn't do a good job of explaining himself, arguing that Latinos should not have to vote for the lesser of two evils, which is not what the ad says. It says, "Don't Vote." Rivera said, "Do you realize how hard it is — how hard people have worked to get the right to vote for Latinos and to encourage them to vote, and here you are telling them not to vote, not to exercise their franchise because you want a certain candidate of a certain party to get elected?" Rivera called Posada "a cynical, manipulative, destructive person trying to reverse decades of civil rights struggle by people who you couldn't wear their shoes. You are a punk. … You are a yellow-bellied, down-and-dirty punk. You're telling people not to vote — Latinos not to vote." Rivera promptly ended Posada's interview, dismissing him from the show with an "I'm done with you." Perhaps the most important thing said by anyone during the segment was said by Democratic strategist Alicia Menendez, who offered, "Not voting doesn't shift power. It concedes power." Words to live by.

Watch YouTube video of the interview, which is surprisingly absent from the Fox News website, below:

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