Georgia School Teachers Drop Fire Back-To-School Music Videos, Making Us Wish We Were Still in School

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The 2020–2021 school year is bound to be very different for teachers and their students due to the effects of COVID-19. Per recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all furniture other than desks and chairs should be removed from classrooms, and desks need to be spaced 6 feet apart if possible for social distancing.


One of my cousins, who will be a senior in high school, said that her school is considering having two days of in-school learning for freshmen and sophomores, then two days for juniors and seniors, and one day of virtual learning for all, which is just...whew. I couldn’t imagine being a teacher or student during these times, and I’m sending positivity to those who are.

Despite all of the new developments to the school year, two Georgia teachers still wanted to make things fun for their students heading back to school.

Callie Evans and Audri Williams, teachers and cheer coaches at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany, Georgia, decided to make sure that student excitement and morale are at optimum levels by releasing two separate music videos that have both gone viral.

Set to the tune of Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow’s hit (and one of my favorite songs of the year) “What’s Poppin,” Evans and Williams adapted their lyrics to meet the times, spitting a few bars about social distancing, wearing masks, and the power of students staying positive amid COVID-19. The Albany school district is implementing remote learning this year.

“You got options, but you better pass my class no floppin’,” Evans says in her video. “Gone log in, every day, every morning, I’m watchin’. Yeah we virtual, and you know what’s up, so we ‘bout to take it up a notch.” Both videos feature masked Monroe cheerleaders performing a routine in the background.


“With all the uncertainty these past few months have brought, I want to be able to get my students excited for what’s to come,” Evans, a third-year teacher, wrote in the caption of her video. Williams, who has BARS and FLOW for days, weeks, months and years, added: “What better way to release all of the anxiety, doubts & fears of the school year than to dance & turn up.”


These are some lucky students, and these are two amazing women. I’m also planning on petitioning for Williams to replace Tory Lanez in the “What’s Poppin” remixshe is definitely capable.

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This video was so wholesome, but it kind of depressed me about the current rap scene.

Somehow an Atlanta grade school teacher goes harder than most people found on Spotify.

(Mrs. Williams, obviously)