Georgia Governor Is Such a Boat Shoe That He’d Rather Sue Atlanta's Mayor Than Have Georgians Wear Masks

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is a Tucker.

A “Tucker” is a whiny man-baby who usually holds a position of perceived power that no one respects. A “Tucker” belongs to a club (chess, tennis, racquetball, horseback riding). A Tucker goes boating. A Tucker will change the rules in the middle of the game to ensure victory. A Tucker will act tough and then threaten you with a lawsuit.


On Wednesday, Kemp signed an executive order to override local municipalities that mandated wearing a mask in public during these COVID-19 times. On Thursday, many of those county leaders were like, fuck Brian Kemp, like Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis, who noted that “When it comes to protecting the lives of Augustans, we are not going to back down.”

Well, being the barbershop quartet member that he is, Tucker filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms because he’s a dusty, white, overly bent baseball cap.

Surely, all of this has to do with Keisha being a Black woman named Keisha (seriously, have you ever met a Keisha who wasn’t with the shit?) and not backing down to Kemp. Also, this has everything to do with Kemp’s adoration of white America’s leader Sebastian TrumpIvanov and his violation of Keisha’s city’s mask law. Kemp will risk all for the orange gaze, and this lawsuit, as stupid as it is, is only about trying to get Trump to look his way and maybe, just maybe, blow him an anus-mouthed kiss.

“This filing of a lawsuit is simply bizarre, quite frankly,” Bottoms, a Democrat, said in an interview with NBC’s Today, NBC News reports.

“Then when Atlanta instituted a mask order — and I did it via executive order — he filed a lawsuit,” she said. “I don’t think it’s happenstance that this lawsuit came the day after Donald Trump visited Atlanta and I pointed out that he was violating city law by not having on a mask at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.”

Bottoms added that Kemp also “takes exception with some advisory business reopening recommendations that were made by the city” and is “suing us personally — myself and the city council — because of the advisory recommendations.”


“I think that he is putting politics over people,” she said of the governor, who she added didn’t know that the virus could be spread through asymptomatic carriers.

This isn’t like Bottoms is working in the blind here, as she, her husband and one of their children tested positive for COVID-19. Bottoms is working to save lives and the Pabst Blue Ribbon of governors is working to stop that.


Bottoms added that some “3,100 people have died from the disease in Georgia and 106,000 people have tested positive for the virus in the state,” NBC News notes.

“The governor has simply overstepped his bounds and his authority, and we’ll see him in court,” she said, adding, “I absolutely think that I will prevail.”


Always bet on Keisha.


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I hope she successfully hands him his ass in court.  What a vile human being he’s proving to be.