Georgia Correctional Officer Fired for the 3rd Time After Calling Inmate Racial Slur

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A corrections officer in Georgia has lost his job after calling an inmate a “crazy N-word,” proving yet again that white folks love racism just a little bit more than money.


AJC reports that Officer Gregory Hubert Brown has been placed on administrative leave without pay, and. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill said in a statement on Sunday that Brown was expected to be terminated “within the next 72 hours.” Brown called an inmate who was on suicide watch a “crazy N-word,” according to the sheriff. A fellow corrections officer as well as several other inmates witnessed Brown make the statement. No other details about the incident have been released.

Records obtained by AJC from the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council reveal this to be the third time Brown has been fired from a job in a correctional facility.

In 2010, Brown was fired after working two years as a correctional officer at the Coweta County Jail. He was picked up by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office as a jail officer in 2011 only to be fired after a year. In 2012, he was fired from that position only to be rehired the following year. The records do not list the reason behind the previous firings.

Y’all, it must be great to be a white man. Imagine getting fired from the same job twice only to get a third shot? I’m just saying that if my Black ass had that kind of track record, I probably would have to find a whole new field of work.

Judging by recent events, racism doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker for law enforcement so, sadly, I don’t see Brown having much of a problem finding yet another job in the field. Will he be able to keep it? According to his history, probably not.

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You once, twice, three times a racist, I loathe you

Yes, you once, twice, three times a racist...and I loathe you

I loathe youuuuuuuu