“A person’s dignity and worth simply do not, and should not, depend on race, gender or any other immutable characteristic,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter.

He added, “While it’s important that a wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds be represented in the judiciary, so blatantly using identity politics in choosing Supreme Court justices is discrediting to a vital institution.”


He later went on to say that he still considered Sri Srinivasan to be the “most qualified” for the vacant Supreme Court vacancy.

He also wrote on Twitter, “Reasonable people can disagree on that particular assessment, but it’s a shame that he and other men and women of every race are excluded from the outset of the selection process.”


According to CNN, Georgetown’s Black Law Student Association is demanding for Shapiro to be fired.

Bill Treanor, the dean of Georgetown University Law Center, released a statement on Shapiro:

Over the past several days, I have heard the pain and outrage of so many at Georgetown Law, and particularly from our Black female students, staff, alumni, and faculty. Ilya Shapiro’s tweets are antithetical to the work that we do here every day to build inclusion, belonging, and respect for diversity. I have heard and listened to a wide range of views, and I am grateful to the many members of the community who have reached out to me and other leaders at the school to share their thoughts.

I am writing to inform you that I have placed Ilya Shapiro on administrative leave, pending an investigation into whether he violated our policies and expectations on professional conduct, non-discrimination, and anti-harassment, the results of which will inform our next steps. Pending the outcome of the investigation, he will remain on leave and not be on campus. This investigation will follow the procedures established by Georgetown University.


Shapiro tweeted again that he is optimistic the investigation will conclude and will find that he didn’t violate any University rules or policies. He expects to join his colleagues shortly.