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The gun George Zimmerman used to fatally shoot unarmed teen Trayvon Martin may have been sold for over $120,000, TMZ reports.


The gossip site notes that some seven verified users were engaged in a bidding war for the pistol.

A representative for United Gun Group, which hosted the auction, told the Orlando Sentinel that the group was actually running two auctions simultaneously—one for the public and another for "prequalified bidders." The final selling price has not been released.


According to the Sentinel, several fake users tried to hinder the public auction by driving up the bid with no intention of purchasing the firearm.

The auction, which ended Wednesday afternoon, was the third time in recent weeks that Zimmerman had attempted to sell the 9 mm pistol he used to gun down Trayvon in 2012.

The site notes that this "part of the process is over" and that Zimmerman is "vetting several offers and verifying funds."

Zimmerman thanked God and the auction site for the successful sale of the gun.

"First and foremost, I would like to thank and give the glory to God for a successful auction that has raised funds for several worthy causes," Zimmerman said in a statement viewed by the New York Daily News.


"I would also like to thank all members of United Gun Group for their support and words of encouragement," Zimmerman wrote.

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