Paving the Way

Same-sex couples packed clerk's offices in New York early Sunday to tie the knot on the first day of New York state's official recognition of same-sex marriage. Mayor Bloomberg's office estimated that almost 500 gay couples got hitched in the city on Sunday. Same-sex couples from across the Empire State also jumped the broom. New York joins Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and the District of Columbia in performing same-sex marriages.

Captions by Joshua R. Weaver

Daniel and Dennis


Daniel Mackey and Dennis Josue hold hands in front of a New York City Hall backdrop after getting married at the Manhattan City Clerk's Office.

Da'onna and Amanda


Pennsylvania couple Da'onna and Amanda Johnson kiss outside the Manhattan City Clerk's Office after their wedding ceremony.

Marcos and Freddy


Marcos Chaljub and his partner, Freddy Sambrano, tie the knot at the Manhattan City Clerk's Office as friends and family snap pictures of the ceremony.

Jeanette and Kawane


Jeanette Coleman and Kawane Harris cheer on supporters as they wait for their chance to get married in Manhattan.

Michael and Douglas


Michael Elasser and Douglas Robinson exchange wedding bands during their ceremony in Manhattan.

Kim and Rhonda


Kim and Rhonda Waldon married at the Brooklyn City Clerk's Office after 16 years together.

Michael and Michael


Michael Roberts and Michael Johnson talk to the press after receiving their marriage license at the Manhattan City Clerk's Office.

Sabrina and Lillian


Sabrina Velez and Lillian Hernandez wed at the Brooklyn City Clerk's Office.