The Associated Press is reporting that a Ugandan court has sentenced Sidney Nsubuga Enoch, 22 — who admitted that he bludgeoned gay activist David Kato to death with a hammer in January — to 30 years in prison. Kato's slaying came only months after his picture was published in an anti-gay newspaper next to the words "Hang Them."

Enoch said he was provoked by sexual advances that Kato made toward him.

Gay-rights activists have blamed an increase in homophobia in Uganda on evangelical preachers. In May the Ugandan Parliament adjourned without discussing a controversial bill that proposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts.


Let's get this straight, pun intended: If you murder someone in cold blood, you get 30 years; if you engage in a "homosexual act," you get the death penalty. Yeah, that makes sense. Not! Any way you frame it, that math does not add up.

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